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AFIC Membership

Pursuant to article 3.0 of AFIC Constitution, Membership in AFIC shall be open to all civil society organizations that share or closely associate with its objectives and values subject to undertaking to perform all membership obligations.

Membership is open to African civil society organizations or group of organizations with track record of working access to information, freedom of expression and human rights issues in anyone or more African countries.

Membership is also open to research and academic institutions whose core or significant part of their work is promotion of research, access to information, freedom of expression and human rights.

Individuals who for one reason or the other are not affiliated to an organization but have distinguished themselves in RTI related field do not qualify for membership but may be invited in Observer capacity from time to time to make inputs on matters at hand. Observers have no voting rights.

Profit making business organizations, political parties and other partisan entities CANNOT join AFIC.

Applicants with known record of criminal or unlawful activity will not be accepted. Unless such criminalization of an organization’s activity is clearly politically motivated.