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How can governments ensure active disclosure of public information during Elections?

  • 31/05/2024

In times of uncertainty and change, access to accurate and timely information becomes paramount. Whether during elections or pandemics, the ability to stay informed empowers individuals to make informed decisions that can shape the future. But why and how can governments ensure active disclosure of public information during these critical moments?

💡 Transparency breeds trust: By providing transparent and easily accessible information, governments build trust with their citizens. This transparency fosters accountability and ensures that decisions are made in the best interest of the public.

💡 Empowering citizens: Access to information allows individuals to actively participate in the democratic process by staying informed about policies, candidates, and public health measures. Informed citizens are better equipped to engage with their communities and hold leaders accountable.

How can they ensure this active disclosure of information during elections?

💡 Ensuring equity: During elections and pandemics, marginalized communities often face barriers in accessing crucial information. Governments must prioritize inclusive communication strategies that reach all segments of society, ensuring no one is left behind. This can be done through community barazas, using available associations and networks like the association of the disabled.

💡 Leveraging technology: In today’s digital age, governments can leverage technology to disseminate information quickly and efficiently. From social media updates to online portals for data sharing, technology offers innovative solutions for active disclosure of public information.

💡Working with Civil Society Organisations: Governments can leverage organisation in the space of access to information such as Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC) to disemminate information.

💡Media: Traditional media such Television and radio, newspapers can be so helpful to governments when it comes to disclosing information.

How do you think governments can improve their communication strategies in times of crisis like during pandemics or election violence? 

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